New technologies and materials don´t lack in our  collection. Find below some:


  • Mctex membrane®
  • Bmbfit or Mcfit fitting®
  • Primaloft® thermal insulation
  • Capacitive technology, which allows you to operate with smartphone screens
  • Sympatex® Windmaster multi-layer membrane, for   windproof accessories
  • New heating glove technology that brings heat to the fingertips and is meant for the most severe weather conditions (Sottozero style). Continous update of the first heating glove released long ago, the TCS Primaloft style, to fullfil the needs of the cold winters in the cities. Made of Softshell and supple goat skin, it has a rechargeable battery and 3 positions which offer more than 3 hours of uninterrupted heat and it  features now a longer and re-designed cuff and an enhanced inner fleece.
  • Patented "Plis Plas" knuckle protector, that will be an identifying mark of the glove collection as of 2021. It´s a vented protector made of two distinctive parts that provides a glove with an extra ventilation, depending only on the upper part knuckle position (upper parts are interchangeable). Another upside is the possibility to substitute the upper part with ease in case of it being damaged as well as to have access to endless colour variants with both the lower and upper parts .


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